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Victorian Regional Rail Link

Mingara was the Communications Design and Technology Adviser for the Regional Rail Link (RRL) project, providing independent engineering expertise for the train radio systems and fibre optic cable (FOC) sub-systems required to support the communications related elements of the RRL.

Victoria’s multi-billion dollar Regional Rail Link (RRL) project separated metropolitan and regional services through Melbourne's west by way of dedicated tracks for Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat trains.

In December 2011, UGL announced the signing of a contract with the Victorian Department of Transport’s Regional Rail Link Authority (RRLA) to provide train control, signalling, telecommunications and passenger information systems for the RRL.

Mingara was involved providing advice regarding risks, opportunities, innovation, value engineering and participating in technical workshops with key stakeholders. Mingara also had a major role in design (including input to construction and management plans) and implementation of the communications components of the project.

The RRL project was jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments to the tune of $4.8b.

The RRL project received numerous awards, including:

    • Australian Construction Achievement Award 2015
    • Infrastructure Project of the Year 2014.

Mingara has also been engaged by UGL in a similar role for the Level Crossing Removal Project.