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Emergency Alerting For Communities

Emergency Alert

The National Emergency Alert (EA) warning system is used to send voice messages to landlines and text messages to mobile phones regarding probable or actual emergency events, for example, bushfire or flood.

Whilst the initial incarnation of the EA system only issued text messages to mobile phones based on the registered service address, EA warning system is now also capable of issuing text messages based on geographical location information.

From 2009 to 2013 Mingara was the independent technical adviser to the Victorian Government, via the Department of Justice, who managed the implementation of a Location Based Emergency Warning Capability on behalf of the Federal Government, Attorney General Department and all States and Territories.

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Community Sirens

Community sirens are used as part of Victoria’s warning system for all hazards, including flood, fire and storm and are only used when there is an imminent threat to the community.

Mingara was appointed the technical advisor for the Community Sirens project, responsible for activities such as:

    • Development of specification tender documentation and criteria for tender evaluation; and
    • Technical advice and contribution throughout the tender evaluation and siren trial process