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Optical Fibre Networks

Mingara is experienced in the design, documentation, project/logistical management and auditing of optical fibre network builds, including:

  • Underground Fibre Optic Cable (FOC) installations (e.g. trenched, direct buried)
  • Aerial FOC installations
  • In-building installations and terminations
  • FOC transmission systems

Mingara has been extensively involved in all aspects of optical fibre networks. The following are some examples of our skill sets:

    • Scope of Works development
    • Review FOC (new & existing) test results
    • Tender/quotations review
    • Oversee engagement/management of contractors (incl. validation of quotes)
    • Identify risks & mitigation strategies
    • Confirm current installation standards
    • Asset ownership confirmation
    • Develop customer specific standards
    • Develop budget estimates for FOC designs
    • Develop FOC link concept designs & develop/review IT architecture
    • Tender preparation development
    • Facility Access Agreements (FAAs)
    • Desktop and detailed route designs
    • Work packages development
    • As-built documentation development
    • Review project documentation
    • Construction inspection/audits & technical audits
    • Acquisition of approvals & permits
    • Witness acceptance testing
    • Design philosophy development