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Market Sectors


Mingara has first hand experience in the transport sector, including:

  • Metropolitan and country train radio systems
  • Conventional, trunked and GSM-R radio technologies
  • Optical fibre, microwave and copper based transmisson systems
  • Train Controller and Signaller communications
  • Station passenger information systems
  • CCTV systems (station, tunnel and stabling yards)
  • Weigh-bridge telemetry communications
  • End-of-train (EOT) systems
  • Train entertainment and passenger information systems
  • Crossing loop communications
  • Freight yard and shunting communications
  • In-cab signalling
  • Remote hot-box monitoring
  • Public address systems
  • Tunnel radiating RF cable systems
  • SCADA systems
  • On-train WiFi systems and CCTV monitoring
  • Safeworking radio systems
  • "Local" radio systems
  • Single Person Operated Trains (SPOT) communications